Society is in a period of rapid change where demography, climate, economy and technology are affected and developed. The urbanization trend in metropolitan regions such as Stockholm is strong. Our way of planning society, the transport system and infrastructure is affected. Sweden aims to become one of the world’s first fossil – free welfare states. To cope with this, a change is needed in the transport sector and in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is one of Sweden’s most important industries and Sweden’s single largest export sector. One third of all employees are in the Stockholm region and in Eastern Central Sweden, thus affecting Sweden’s employment and the country’s economy. Through Fordonsdalen, Region Stockholm together with its partners KTH and Kista Science City AB takes a holistic approach on the automotive industry.

The rapid technical development in the automotive industry is characterized by self-driving vehicles, electrification and digitization. The restructuring of the automotive industry is also taking place at other levels, which requires both a change of skills and new and broader ecosystems.

With Fordonsdalen we want to contribute to increased capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises. Business models, competence shifts, reskilling, test arenas, conceptual piloting, collaboration models and new and innovative solutions within the transport system.

The goal is to develop the automotive industry in the region and to ensure its growth and international competitiveness. We want to strengthen the regional automotive industry’s competitiveness in the transition to a sustainable transport system of the future.

Fordonsdalen aims to:

• Contribute to increased capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

• Develop Collaboration Models and demonstrations of findings the region 

• Increase accessibility to the joint research and innovation capacity in the area 

• Develop accessibility to Test Arenas, Pilot Tests, and Collaboration Models

Fordonsdalen is funded by: