What is Fordonsdalen?

A short movie about Fordonsdalen Stockholm

Fordonsdalen 1.0 was implemented as five projects during 2020–2023 and these projects were completed in December 2023.

We need to take a broader approach and collaborate to gear up the work for the continued international competitiveness of the automotive industry and the sustainable transformation of the mobility system.

Region Stockholm has assigned Kista Science City, KTH, Lindholmen Science Park and Södertälje Science Park to produce an updated and developed needs document with a view to establish a joint program office for the work to strengthen the transformation of the automotive industry through smart specialization.

The goal is to develop the automotive industry in the region and to ensure its growth and international competitiveness. We want to strengthen the regional automotive industry's competitiveness in the transition to a sustainable transport system of the future.

The Fordonsdalen Stockholm aims to:

  • Establish Fordonsdalen 2.0
  • Develop a broad, strengthening collaborative organization for Fordonsdalen
  • Contribute to increased capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Develop Collaboration Models and demonstrations of findings the region
  • Increase accessibility to the joint research and innovation capacity in the area
  • Develop accessibility to Test Arenas, Pilot Tests, and Collaboration Models


Region Stockholm

Project lead

Olga Vassilieva-Blücher


Project lead

Magnus Burman