The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Region Stockholm proposes the establishment of Fordonsdalens Forskarskola, Fordonsdalens Research School. Our vision with this initiative is to accelerate the automotive industry's transformation towards climate and competitiveness. Fordonsdalens Forskarskola will engage 30 students aiming for a doctoral degree. The students will be enrolled from industry partners and the school will have a multidisciplinary approach with doctoral students from different fields all associated with an expected new transport eco-system. Fordonsdalens Forskarskola will focus on cross industry boundaries, both on a system perspective and integration are therefore central parts. An important part is also that the doctoral students will spend time being "Transformation Agents” within their company. The focus is on supporting a rapid transition and lifelong learning. There is a clear need for a unique education at specialist level that transcends industry boundaries and includes not only the classic automotive industry but also tomorrow's vehicle stakeholders.

During autumn 2021 a prestudy, funded by European Regional Development Fund ERDF (ERUF), will analyze the problem, the needs and propose an outline structure for Fordonsdalens Forskarskola. The prestudy is expected to result in an application to potential research funding bodies



Project lead
Mattias Wiggberg

Project lead
Magnus Burman